C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Wohnpark Pannonia

Wohnpark-demo-tumbDate: 07/2014
Type: architectur
Commercial: yes

Some nice exterior renderings in co-operation with newtown3D. Full-cg and animation ready.

Architectur Visual Roitham

04-Tag-DOF v01 small
ate: 04/2013
Type: architecture
Commercial: yes

This visualisation was produced for LZ Planugs Ges.m.b.H. It was the first project where I used the GPU-renderer octane for C4D.

Prefabricated House

2 Vormittag
Date:  06/2012
Type:  exterior
Commercial: yes
Exterior visualisation of a small prefabricated house rendered at different times of day and night using Vray for C4D. Some plants were generated with Dpit.

Object Augarten

Fassade 07 1 small

Date:  05/2013
Type:  architecture
Commercial: yes

This project shows a building in the inner city of Vienna near the Augarten.

Product Graphics

ate: 03/2013
Type: product-graphic
Commercial: no


Here are some promotion-graphics for soft drinks. I made two different designs with C4D, Vray and Dpit.

Mushroom Family

Pilz 01 ps1
Date:  01/2013
Type:  natur
Commercial: no

I mainly used Cinema4D for this project and especially the new sculpting features. The scene was rendered with V-Ray for Cinema4D using a physical camera and the V-Ray fast SSS-material. The lightsetting was only one area light from the back set to invisible.


Smoke Simulation

smoke HD 2 0175Date: 02/2012
Type: motiongraphic
Commercial: no 

This project was about motiongraphic-simualtions with Dpit-Effex. This plugin can generate smoke, fire, water and simple partikels. I've experimented with the Subgrid-system, that can generate detailed turbulaces while the rest is calculated in lower resolution.

T-Shirt CG Shop

T-Shirt 02Date:  05/2012
Type:  design
Commercial: yes
T-shirt-design for CG-Shop, softwareshop in vienna (Austria). Most elements of the graphic have been made with Cinema4D's MoGraph-engine. For highest quallity and "endless" scaleability I converted the rendered picture into a vectorgraphic with Illustrator.

Chess Game

Chess white macroDate:  01/2013
Type:  content
Commercial: no

One of my first tests of the new sculpting-engine in Cinema4D. This chessgame was designed as decoration for interior-scenes. There is a high-poly and a low-poly-version.    

B+M Catalogue

Deckensystem KQADate: 02/2013
Type: engineering
Commercial: yes

Different renderings of metall ceilings, walls, cooling-systems and other products of B+M.

Fabric Couch

Couch weiss modern 05 raum AE PS2Date:  12/2012
Type:  interior
Commercial: yes
This work shows a white fabric couch in a modern, stylish scene with hard contrasts.

Studio Lounge

music lounge smallDate:  01/2013
Type:  interior
Commercial: no
Interiordesign of a snuggish studio lounge.

Leather Couch

Leather couch 03 smallDate:  12/2012
Type:  interior
Commercial: no
Another interiordesign with a nice bookshelf and a detailed, displaced stonewall in the back.

Sea Creature

Sea-Creature small
Date:  10/2013
Type:  creature design
Commercial: no
This is a new private project i did to train sculpting skills with 3D-Coat v4.0 and Cinema4D.

Thai Street

Thai street smal
Date:  04/2012
Type:  environment
Commercial: no
A foto of a street in thailand inspired me to do this project.